Monday, June 18, 2018

Travel Adventures: Father's Day Weekend 2018

What an excellent weekend!

I mean where does one even start with this weekend. I got to see friends and family while experience awesome food, drinks and laughs. I figure pictures would describe the fun we had more than my words could so I have put all the highlights below. Enjoy!



Sometimes I order a bottle of wine not realizing it is like $40. Whoopsy. At least it was good.

Perfect perch plate. That fish was literally perfection.

Mmm.. Beer after a long week.


I am literally sitting inside a Delorean. Man I could barely close the door I guess I am too tall for this car. No back to the future in my life ever.


We ran into Chad, Kate and Kate's parents. Fun happened.

The boys debating if they could fit in this race car.

My Grandpa once drove a car similar to this with a rumble seat people would fall out of all the time.

Gang. Can I join?

Mmm Spicy chai.

A bowl of chili the size of my head.

Squirrel cookies! Luna loved hers. 

Ahhh--- Relaxing watching Incredibles 2. Really great!

One of my truest loves.


Stalker. Angry I was gone all day I am sure.

mmm..  nom nom. It was great having dinner with ALL the dads. My dad, Ryan's dad and my Grandpa Jupe!

This popsicle melted in like 3.5 seconds. I shared with Tucker and he tried to choke himself on it. So funny and cute.

What are these for Tucker? Sand? Eating?

Okay I love this flavor.

Tucker loves watermelon. Eating it... Wearing it... Everything about it.
We made some really great memories this weekend and even though I was driving all over the place all weekend the  gas and miles were totally worth it. I hope you had a great weekend too.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

Monday, June 11, 2018

Second Bathroom Renovation: Complete

It is done! We had minor hiccups here or there but I am happy to report I am in love with my bathroom/laundry room renovation. When one starts a big project you never know what you are in for and this one was a bit more complicated than we expected with the shower removal. Lucky for us we found a contractor ( Ken you rock) that was able to set everything back on track for us. I will say almost all the work was done by my amazing husband from demo to final touches. He is amazing! 

Click her for the demo post!
Click here for buying post!

A labor of love here are the finally pictures.

We lost count on the coats of yellow but in the end I love how the redo of these doors turned out. Chalk paint is my favorite.  Also hello new washer and drying. Ryan did a ton of research and these samsung ones are fantastic. We can even wash our sleeping bags in them. 

We used the same flooring that we had in the master bathroom renovation because we had some left and I love the color/durability of it. New toilet and rug looking good too. 

The biggest change was removing the non-used shower in the corner and putting in a full size kitchen stainless steel sink. For me the sink was a must as Ryan coming in from the garage can wash his hands in here without worrying about destroying the sink. Plus we wanted it really large. The counter top and the vanity are also meant for a kitchen. They look like they belong in this space. I have already used the counter to sort clothes it works in the space really well. 
As always with home ownership you end one project and another calls to you to start. Working on the backyard and our fence that fell down next.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

Friday, June 8, 2018

Let's talk about it: Mental Illness

It's time people. I am unsure why but having people tag me in Anthony Bourdain's news story today really made me think... How is this surprising to people. But then I remember the sigma that surrounds mental illness. People tend to get angry or lash out at something they do not understand. I speak from experience of course. I think it is time that we take away the shame of living with a mental illness. Do you know what the most brave thing I have seen or heard of in my entire life? Watching those that are struggling with mental illness ask for help. That is something amazing. 

It's story time and I have never been ashamed to talk about being bi-polar and no one with any sort of mental illness should be. 

I have always struggled and knew I was different. I have been blessed to have extremely understanding parents especially my mom who made sure that even as a child I got the therapy and treatments I needed. She never gave up and never took no for an answer. I am sure she was  told I was not normal and that I was broken many times but she always supported me through my manic episodes and never walked away. This is what you need to do for your children if they have a mental illness. Never give up on them and never leave. Therapy, being in special classes in elementary school this all helped me and helped me figure out proper coping methods. I also have to thank Liz Kussow and Katelyn Lowry my fearless friends who never left my side and let's be real being a teenager is hard and they were with me every step of the way. 

Let's talk college quick. This is the perfect time for someone with mental illness to start to self medicate. I am talking drugs etc. Why do we do this people ask often? It gets to be too much. Have you ever been extremely stressed and not slept in 3 days. You just want to sleep you know what helps with that? Getting drunk.  I once again had an amazing support structure in my boyfriend (now husband) and Maggie Haltvick my awesome roommate.  I fought through the stress and was able to stay stable and earn my degree.

Now.... The other day someone said to me "you are always happy I have never seen you upset or angry." I thought to myself. Wow... That is interesting and I think that because we all know that is not true we are human and my brain works in a real different way not allowing me to always be happy. I am living in a good place in my life where my co-workers (shout out to Laura), my family, my frickin amazing husband and my friends are all always there for me. I no longer have to ask for help they seek me out and check on me and that is awesome.

Why do I bring all this up to you why do I share my story?
I want those that are struggling to know you are amazing. If you cannot ask for help right now it is okay but think about it. Even those of us that seem happy are struggling with you and you are not alone. To the family and friends of those struggling check on your loved ones. Do this and do not be afraid to bring it up directly. We need you. For those that are just confused about the whole thing stop making jokes about us. If you could do that simple thing we would really like that. "What is she bipolar or something flying off the handle?" That is not funny to anyone okay? Just stop it.

In closing try to be kind to someone today you don't know what they are struggling with. Peace and love.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Turtle Sundae

So far this week has been a bit of a struggle. I looked back in my phone to see if I had missed posting a little pick me up post. This is my favorite dessert ever. I tend to spend a lot of money for a turtle sundae to give me a little pick me up but it does not have to be that way. A couple weeks ago Ryan and I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed all the things we needed to make this and honestly it was the same price as one or two sundaes. We still have the toppings and could easily make more!

What you need~
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate sauce
Caramel sauce
Whip cream

It actually is easy pile all your toppings on top of the ice cream and tuck into heaven. If you are inclined you can even add a cherry on top. Such a feel good treat and I try not to do it too often but when I do I make it worth my while. Yum!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

Monday, May 28, 2018

Travel Adventures: Summer Camp Music Festival 2018

Hot, hot and more hot. We had a blast there is no denying that but this was some extreme weather we had to deal with and I am really proud to say we made it through the other side mostly intact. The festival ran Friday-Monday but we ended up leaving Sunday night after the bands we wanted to see due to the 97 degree heat that day. Temperatures were in the high 90's the entire time and the lowest it got was around 80 at night. Saturday night was so sticky and humid that we were sweating at night. Needless to say after sleeping 11 hours last night (in my own bed) and a shower I feel human again.

Here are some really great memories from this trip.

Day 1 Friday

This was the only day it rained and it was a relief and cooled us down a bit. Plus we got to see a really awesome set by my favorites Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades up close and a rainbow! Here are some highlights!

We had the coolest camping site after much walking all over. Thank god I made Ryan get us a awesome garden wagon.

Berries and yogurt in a cone. Refreshing.

Excited to have made it to IL!

Okay I hated this beer. Way too hoppy for my taste. 

Thai bowl with a ton of veggies.

Our daily stop at the free Johhny Walker station. 

The ginger one was the best with Johnny Walker. 

People packed into the woods for camping. I loved the stuff in the trees. 

This is right before they made Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades stop playing so they jumped off the stage with their Instruments and played a set like in my face. I even got to request my favorite song by them and they gave Ryan a free beer. Weekend made already on day one. 

So frickin awesome. Hello!

Ryan went and got us $8 bloodys. We did this daily and they were worth it for the ice alone. 


This band was funky and fun. 

Why hello Kyle (he is from the string cheese incident). We saw a rainbow!
love this hat.

post rain views. temperature this day was low 90's.

Getting ready for the night.

A dino!

Umprey Mcgee rocked it.



super cool light show.

 A DJ would play inside this pyramid and then people would enjoy from the outside. Super cool.

NY pizza. Late night noms. 

Huge Crowd.

Day 2 Saturday

Average temperature was mid low 90's this day with no rain. It started to get really dusty. I will say two things this festival needs to work on are the bathrooms they did not have enough or did they have enough water stations. For about 25,000 they had two stations that were not well places in the venue. We worked around it but it was a bit stressful sometimes. 

Here are some more highlights from this day. 

Hot morning but great views. 

Finding shade. The survival of heat. 

A burrito it was okay. I should not eat hot things when it is hot. 

$6 rootbeer float. Worth it. 

Moonshine Stage. Enjoyed some shade. 

Bright Lights.

This cider was huge.

This was the best thing we ate. They had built a bread oven and this was fresh stuffed with cheese and sausage. 

The bread next to the fancy earth oven they built.

Mint tea. 


How cool.  

Day 2 Saturday

This day was intense. At this point we are on day two with no rain. I think when we woke up it was already in the 80's. I showered two times in the "water station" area. Which was not really a station at all. We ate some good food this day and tried our very best to stay in the shade at all times. Even walking from set to set in the 97 degree temps was a chore. We planned on staying into Monday but the idea of sleeping another night in the 80's was not something we wanted to do. So we watched all the sets we wanted to see and headed home at like 8pm. It was worth leaving early. 

Highlights from our last day. 
These pictures are in reverse order of me taking them and honestly to lazy to fix it. 
I swear we wore shoes/sandals the whole time and washed our feet a lot. So much dust!

Our last show JJ Grey. He is amazing and wore a black suit the whole set. Somehow no one died. Not us nor him... Amazing music.

MMMM. Tacos. 

Waiting for Greensky Bluegrass in the shade with a gatorade. Protecting my face from the dust. 

Greensky blue grass is amazing. 

Keep that dust out of your lungs people!

It was fun and real summer camp!

Chicago Farmer as amazing at the start of the day. His wife makes cool necklaces out of guitar stings from famous bands. I snagged a cool one. 


Chicago farmer was great. 

We really had a fun adventure to this festival. Each one we go to is completely different and I would not have it any other way. I love that we do this once a year and who knows were we will go next year. I can handle the heat maybe burning man?

Until next time~
XoXo Emily