Monday, March 19, 2018

Green Grasshopper Drink

This is straight up part of my childhood. NO my parents did not allow me to drink them because they do indeed have alcohol in them but that did not stop me from wanting the minty drink at my grandparents supper club anytime we visited. I have been recovering from a pretty painful injury to my knee and I have finally started to feel strength return on Saturday. Serving this to my friends was like a cheer to recovery for me. It is easy to make ahead of time and having leftovers is really never a bad thing.

What you need~
1 quart of vanilla ice cream 
8 ounces of whip cream (cool whip)
3/4 a cup of creme de menthe
3/4 a cup of creme de cacao

Start by letting the ice cream and cool whip thaw and get rather soft. Once rather soft dump the ice cream and cool whip and then use a blender, hand mixer or whatever you have to blend this well. When you have it well blended add the alcohol and blend again. I added food coloring to get mine to the mint color I wanted but you do not have to do that. Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours to get more solid or drink right away if you like the milkshake consistency. I like to top mine with some hershey's chocolate and a little more cool whip. 

Slightly melted. Perfect.

I mean this will last us years but worth it.

Be careful when you start blending. I wore some of this. Whoops.

SO creamy.

Food coloring.

Ready to serve. Yum!

This is a classic from where I live and I hope you make a batch sometime in your life. It was perfect to celebrate be being 8% Irish for Saint Patricks Day this year. Super fun get together too. Here is a bonus picture of Irish nachos (chips, sliced corned beef,  cheese, sour cream and green onion). SO awesome!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Travel Adventures: Service Heroes 2017

Many would say this trip is indescribable. I promise to try my best to give some sort of detail and richness to what I experienced but this was a trip of a life time. I think I will do this by day and hit some of the really special highlights. It is funny because now that I am home and reflecting I see why some people told me I would be blown away. By the time I thought oh well this is magical it can not get any better it did. Some would say this trip was over the top but honestly for me it was eye opening in many good ways. I am physically exhausted but my mind feels fresh and renewed. Let's dive into this trip.

Day 1 (Tuesday March 6th)

My flights were a mess. Due to the snow storm I flew out in. Arriving at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World I was a tad exhausted. Arriving rather late I felt rushed to get off the bus and change before our mixer and dinner. Walking off the bus we had a large group of people including executives clapping and cheering for us. We were given our cool disney bands and I snagged a mickey shaped pretzel on my way to my amazing room.

I literally kept saying "Is this real?"

Disney is known for the little details.
I did a quick change and had just enough time to walk down to the mixer.  Just a disclaimer I think I gained twenty pounds on this trip eating the appetizers alone at the mixer. The mixer was the first time I started to get to mingle with people from other departments at my company. I think that is the most special part of this trip in the end. The work and friendly relationships you built.
Those are real flowers. Trust me I inhaled their smell each day. 

The smallest details were taken care of. So pretty. 
After the mixer and a fun game we went into dinner. They had the best buffet for us stocked with tasty prime rib and endless piles of salad. We took pictures with the Disney Characters and listened to music through the decades. 
I just could have eat so many plates of salad. 

How cute are these tiny appetizers. 

I looked freaked out. In general I do not like the characters but Kate pictured below talked me into being brave.

Goofy and Donald Duck!

Okay this is like super cute!

Day 2 (Wednesday March 7th)

After breakfast which was a rather tasty mix of fresh fruit and a Mickey Mouse waffle for me I settled into listening to some key note speakers including executives (CEO-COO). Topics covered where funny and then others super inspirational. One thing that stuck with me was the idea of distinction and what that looks like.  I often found myself looking around for examples of that during my entire stay at Grand Floridian. 
Motivation for days and also a sweet suit. 
 After a quick change and almost missing our bus we all made it to universal studios. I would be lying if I did not say this was one of the things I was looking forward to the most. It lived up to the hype and more. Harry Potter is one of my biggest books/movie loves. I mean I have a snowy owl tattoo. It was like being dropped right into Diagon Alley. I rode the ride which standing in that line waiting was honestly worth it alone. How fun and interactive. I highly recommend it. The frozen butter beer is where it is at (it is not beer it tastes like butterscotch or cream soda). I even got some fun tasting jelly beans and chocolate frogs as gifts. 

The first thing I saw walking through the mystery wall. EEEE!

Look at Goblin robot!

Kate and I drinking an amazing butter beer. 

Love. Love. Love. 

I want one every day please and thank you. 

Look a dragon!

This day was super jammed packed. We caught the bus back, changed and headed over to Splitsville for bowling, eating enough for a year (pizza, sliders and more salad). I actually did okay bowling seeing my leg was busted up all week. I loved this bowling alley it is two stories high. I even spent some time with fellow animal lovers. 

I finally walked through the main building. Beautiful is an understatement. 

Mickey is hidden everywhere. You just have to look. 

Hello another 20 pounds on my waistline. 

How cool are these shoes no laces!

Day 3 (Thursday March 8th)

The morning I have been waiting for finally came. I have been so excited about the social project and I knew it was going to be a surprise. This year we made wagons, decorated them and then stuffed them to the brim with toys for a great charity Give Kids the World Village. This charity is amazing they do not just treat the family to a "wish" they treat the ENTIRE family. It is really uplifting and spending two hours making these wagons was really magical. 
Our team hard at work. 

How exciting to do something for others especially children. 

How cute right? Our own rocket dog. 

Rocket dog!

All these people worked together to make dozens of wagons for the children.
After my heart felt so full it would burst I had some time before I had my massage at the amazing "Senses" spa. I bought some gifts and roamed a bit. The best massage I have ever had followed. I then I roamed about the resort. I even hopped on the monorail and went to some other resorts. 

The main lobby is like a dream. 

I mean how do you not buy Mickey Soap? 

The outside of the resort. 

From the monorail. Breath taking. 

The monorail. I roamed around and chatting with strangers.

The Magic Kingdom entrance. 

Dole. Pineapple flavored ice cream. Heaven.

Me being cool at the Polynesian resort. 

This man made me cry. He was playing the Little Mermaid on the piano and I was overcome with emotions. I was so spoiled this week and I am forever grateful.

After much exploring I got all dressed up for dinner and the awards ceremony.  Walking into the ballroom we once again had a huge cheering section and amazing appetizers. It was overwhelming feeling so special. Sitting down we had our awards on the table.  We had some great speeches from leadership and some really good food. Hello chicken! 

Look at that salad. WOW. The table was beautifully laid out.

Chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots. Yum.

Yes he is wearing Mickey ears. So fun!

Wait this is not an Olympic medal? It is even better!

Just when I thought I was in like la la land of amazingness they decided to close the newest part of the animal kingdom for us. We got to go to dino-section and then AVATAR! Yep... They closed the brand new section of Avatar for us. It was amazing. The ride usually has a 3 hour or so wait. We got to do it in like 20 minutes and that was basically us walking. Going at night was so magical. I know I keep saying that but it is hard to describe walking in the dark and seeing the mountains light up like giant floating islands. 
DINO- land. 

Red velvet and Mickey!

A dino- fountain. 

If you want to see the amazing 8 foot tail robot in action from Avatar see my Instagram page under highlights. There is a video.

I know I am blessed and I also know that this was a true once in a lifetime event. Disney is magically and it was breathtaking. I cannot honestly pick out a favorite moment. I mean wagons for children... AVATAR... the massage... roaming on the monorail. All of that was cool but the work relationships and people I met is what I will take away from this. I feel strongly that I work for a really great company and thank you UnitedHealthcare. 

Until next time~
XoXo Emily