Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Whelp, 2013 is here. Which means it is wedding year finally.Been awhile and what have I been up to you ask?
I have really been using my crock pot lately, making all types of yummy things at least two times a week. I love the set it and done simplicity of it all.  I would  highly recommend you try to utilize your own crock pot that is collecting dust in the closet.
Here are some links to some great recipes I have been making.
Delicious pecans that my mom made at my house for Ryan( my soon to be husband)! 
Made this when we did Christmas cookies this year. Big hit!
Made these for my family for Christmas. I used chipotle BBQ sauce. Everyone was in love.
This is melt in your mouth good. Make it on a cold day and it will warm you right up. Eat it on a salad, on buns or whatever you want.
I am so greatful for 2012 as I grew as a person as was truely blessed. Looking back on all my previous posts about buying my house and all the things I have done makes me so excited for this upcoming year! Here is too 2013 and all the great things to come.

Above is Luna and I enjoying the snow fall!

Once again I wish you the Happiest of New Years. I hope you bust out that dustly crockpot and try some of these receipts.


Emily XoXo

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