Saturday, March 23, 2013

DYI Cake Stand

I found the best DYI project yet. I went thrifting today with an amazing friend Katie and we found the best plates for this!

This is what you need:
candlesticks, goblets or wine glasses
E6000 glue
Super easy, this is what you do.
Step one: Wash your plate and candlestick
Step two: Using a qtip apply a thin layer of glue onto the rim of the candlestick. Make sure it is not a lot of glue. A little goes along way.
Step three: attach the candlestick to the plate. Be mindful that everything is lined up.
Step four: Place something heavy on top of the plate. Let it sit for 24 hours before using your gorgeous creation
Beautiful right!!! Hope this inspires you to do some crafting of your own.

Until next time, happy crafting.

XoXo Emily

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