Thursday, February 16, 2012

Controlling Your Dog Using A Halter

Do you have an out of control dog like mine? I have found an answer, a doggie halter. It works just like a horse halter by controlling the dogs face. It is nice because they can still eat and drink while wearing it. Plus it is more gentle than the choke chains that no one EVER uses properly.
So, your thinking sounds great how do I use it?
I have included pictures of Luna's halter and how I apply it below, or watch this great YouTube video. 

They will fight it a first, it's on their face.Thye do try to paw it off at first or rub their face on the ground. Perfectly normal. Do not freak out.
If you have applied it correctly it should not come off. Keep being patient and working with it!
Once you size it the first time you shouldn't have to ever again.
I got mine at petsmart, like $12.

This is what it looks like. Like the man in the video said a t-shape.

This is what it looks like once you pull the loop up. The loop goes around their face.
Loop around Luna's face and second picture completely wearing it. Ready for her walk!

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