Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morning Tea

I have a soft spot for tea. Lately my Fiance has caught the tea "bug" and I have been able to injoy it even more. Do not get me wrong I am a Indian Chai girl every morning. Add some creamer and I am on my way. But, on the weekend or at night I like to brew the real deal. Not the little prepacked Lipon crap but actually loose tea you have to steep (another word for soak) tea for at least 5 minutes and drink in real china its so good!

I recieved this great tumbler ( Sorry I got it as a gift and I do not rememeber where they said they got it) and you just pour your steaming water over the tea in the little container built in and let it sit (steep) for 5-6 minutes. I usually add a little honey or sugar to taste and pour that tea into my fine china ( Grandmas tea cups make it taste better I swear) and BAM good Sunday morning.

I am actually drinking it RIGHT now. I hope you keep an open mind and try many kinds of tea. This morning I am drinking Orange Blossom YUM! Hence the pinky color.
Home Brewed Tea. Warms the soul.
I knew I would use my Grandmas tea set. No one believed me!

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