Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Iced Chai Tea

Cheap, creamy and oh so easy to make. I have no idea why people pay $5 for this when I made an entire weeks work for about $3 if you include the price of the milk. I stopped at the local coffee place to buy myself an iced chai and when I saw the cost I almost passed out. $5 for some cold tea. I knew I could do this myself. I did not know it would be so cost effective and actually really tasty. Plus using almond milk I cut the calories to about 60 calories compared to (insert large name coffee shop) that packs 300 plus calories. I promise you will be making this once a week for yourself especially when it warms up and you need a cool beverage. I drink chai year round but cool in the summer on ice is the way to go.

What you need~
12 cups of water
12 tea bags of chai tea
vanilla extract
cinnamon sugar

Start by boiling your 12 cups of water. I have a tea pot I use all the time. If you do not have a tea pot you can boil in a stock pot as needed. Prep your pitcher by placing the tea bags in the pitcher. Remove the paper from the tea bags as you do this. Once the water is boiling away pour over the tea bags. This needs to sit now for 30 minutes. The perfect amount of time to go take a bath and relax. Once the tea has steeped for 30 minutes remove tea bags and place pitcher in the fridge. Let cool before serving.

How I serve my tea is a personal taste. You can drink it straight up black but I like mine creamy. I add a splash of vanilla extract and cinnamon sugar to a bottom of a glass. I then add ice to the glass. I pour the tea in until 3/4 full. Top off with almond milk or any milk of your choosing. Mix and enjoy!

It is so easy to make. I made a giant pitcher of this on Saturday and still have half of it left after drinking 4 glasses out of it so far.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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