Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Springtime Snacks

It is spring finally. Not that it feels like it in my part of the world. I have been indulging in some yummy spring snacks and I thought I would share a few of my favorites along with some other healthy snacks I have on the regular. I am one that snacks a lot but my hubby is so I know I need stuff in the house for him. Here is what I am into recently.

1. Greek Yogurt.
I started eating Greek yogurt about 2 years ago. I am not a person that can eat a huge breakfast at 6am. Therefore, I needed something to eat that was low calorie but still tasty. This hit the spot head on and I have one for breakfast everyday. I prefer this exact brand by Dannon. It is only 80 calories so it is perfect to be paired with number 2 on this list below for a healthy and tasty breakfast.

2. Fruit. 
This is a no brainer. Fruit can be filling and is of course a healthy snack in moderation. For breakfast
today I paired a handful of strawberries with my yogurt. It is almost strawberry season after all. Another fruit favorite of mine is banana's. I cannot get enough of those little 100 calorie treats. I like to put them in a shake before the gym or with peanut butter. Which brings us to number 3 on the list peanut butter!

3. Peanut Butter or PB2. 

 Peanut butter is high calorie but in small quantity it is still a good filling snack paired with a banana or in a shake. This time of year it is great to pair with spring veggies too. PB2 is something recently I have gotten into due to the fact that it is much lower calorie than peanut butter and makes better shakes.It even comes in a chocolate flavor that I have yet to try but looks really tasty.

4. Triscuits.

I may have an addiction problem with these little healthy crackers. I literally have to have a box at
my desk at work at all times. They are perfect for an afternoon snack or to pair with a sandwich at lunch. Varies in calories but I found 1 serving is always less than 200 calories. I like the rice ones because 6 crackers is super filling. They also come in so many fun flavors I always find myself at the store unable to decide what kind I want.

5. Almonds. 
A hand full of almonds is the BEST snack. They also come in a huge selection of flavors.These honey roasted flavors are my latest favorites. One of my favorites of all time is the wasabi almond flavored ones. You can eat 28 nuts for 160 calories and they are super filling!

Now that I got you and I both hungry for a snack reach for one of these tasty little treats. I promise your waist line and your appetite will be happy.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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