Friday, May 12, 2017

Bathroom Renovation: Vanity Part 2

Progress is progress even though it is slow right? I have now managed to finish the second coat of paint and de-stress the entire vanity face. Tuesday we went down to Lowe's in Appleton to pick up our vessel (farm style) sink and faucet. Ryan then had to size out the sink on the vanity so we could put in the order with his dad for the counter top on the vanity. He is making us a butcher block top that I think once stained will make this piece really pop with the white sink. Here are some of our progress pictures I took.

Do not mind the slightly stuck out door. I had to do this because without the hardware it is like impossible to open the bottom drawers without a screw driver.

Slightly de-stressed just the way I want it.

Side shot!
This project is turning into a labor of love but I am super happy with the progress we have made. I cannot wait to continue to work on it by protecting it with layers of polyacrylic. Stay tuned..

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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