Monday, May 22, 2017

Travel Adventures: Milwaukee/ David Gray

Such a rich and strong voice, David Gray was perfection. Easily in the top 5 concerts I have ever went to. I have been under the weather thanks to my allergies. Don't worry I changed my medication and I feel like I am finally on the mend. I bring this up because I was not excited to drag my sore bones all the way to Milwaukee on Friday. We first stopped into REI to get some camping and other gear. After that it was ramen time. While not the best mind blowing ramen of my life it hit the spot. Then it was time to find some parking. We managed to find a secret little parking lot that only charges $5 right by the venue. We then had an hour to kill so we went to a bar Ryan went to once and ordered some homemade old fashions. Lucky for us the weather was mild so roaming Milwaukee was not bad this time of year. Then it was show time. I would say out of all the theatres in Milwaukee The Pabst is the most well preserved and gorgeous. Ryan and I could not stop noticing all the fine details in the venue and how nice the place was.  The bathrooms are clean and the beverages decent in price at $6 for a pint. I only wish the crazy drunk lady next to me would have decided to not actually show up.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Swinging Door Exchange has some awesome homemade old fashions.

Hard liquor makes allergies all better right?

The Pabst is a beautiful and cozy theatre.

David Gray. He did not drink any water or anything the entire two hours. He took no breaks. It was just him a guitar and piano. He used a looping machine much like Ed Sheeran does. His voice is even better in person. The man is straight talent. I would rate this concert 10/10. For sure in my top 5 concerts and I go to a lot of concerts.

I promise David is behind us in that bright light. We take such crappy selfies. Still had a blast.

Tanpopo Ramen. Pretty solid ramen. It was not the best I have ever had it lacked a little depth. It did hit the spot since I have been rather ill with allergies. Warmed me up nicely.

I am happy I sucked it up and went to this concert even though I was not feeling the best. It was a really great trip.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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