Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crock Pot Ham

Ham. My husband loves it! A couple times a year he asks for it. I am totally okay making it because I can use some of the ham for pea soup. The lovely thing about making things in your crock pot is you can set it and come home to delicious things. I use mine about once a week. This recipe is a lot of trial and error through the years.

What you will need-
Ham (try to get bone in. I could not find one in the size I wanted with the bone in so this is not bone in)
A can of coke (at least 8 ounces)
Brown sugar

Put the ham in the crock pot flat side down. I always try to get a ham that is between 4-8 pounds. Anything bigger tends to not fit in there. Trust me many times I have had to cut off chunks of meat to cram the ham in the pot.

This is when I add the 8 ounces of coke. You can substitute a lot of types of liquid here.
Some additional options-
Root beer
Pineapple juice

I like to add some sort of liquid that has acid in it to make the ham a little tender.

Now it is time to add  that tasty brown sugar. I would say on this ham I rubbed about 1/2 cup of sugar on the ham. The amount you use is going to vary on the size of your ham. This ham was a 5 pound ham with no bone. I really wish it had the bone in but alas the grocery store failed me this shopping trip.

Does this not look extremely tasty?
I let my ham cook in the crock pot on low for 8 hours. All you are really doing is heating up the meat if it is pre-cooked. A lot of other recipes state that 4 hours is enough for cooking/warming time. That is fine but I am a working women so it gets to sit in there a tad bit longer. I have a warm setting on my crock pot and it keeps the meat warm after cooking if I am not home right at 8 hours. This is fantastic with all the long hours I put in at my job. We ate this ham for dinner last night and it was perfect. Smear some mustard on a slice and it is heaven. I will be using left overs for pea soup tomorrow. Hope you break out that crock pot sitting in your cabinet gathering dusk soon!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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