Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Time is an interesting thing. It trickles by so fast that before you realize it you have had a year pass you by. I need to get back into crafting and blogging.

So.. Let us start with a general life update before we start with my millions of craft updates shall we? 
#1: I am married now to my wonderful supportive husband for two years now. what what!
#2: I went on a life journey and lost 50 pounds. I eat pretty healthy now and am addicted to Zumba.
#3: I got a new car. HELLO Duke. Pictured below.  He is a 2014 MINI Cooper S. I am also slightly addicted to him.

 Crafting/cooking/baking. Get reading for a ton of fun new posts on these topics. I have started having more time since summer settled down to start doing things again. yippy!
XoXo Emily

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