Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DYI Stained Glass Windows

Sometimes you take on projects without realizing how they will be extremely time consuming. I wanted privacy in my room that I turned into a closet. This room faces the road so if you are getting changed and things you want privacy. I went on the internet and bought a magical product called Gallery Glass. As you can see in the above picture all the work I had to do was totally worth it in the end. I may have had a sore back and tired hands after 3 hours of doing this though.

Things you will need-
Gallery Glass (1.5 bottles per window)
Paper towel
Putty scraper
Tooth pick 
Drop cloth (not shown)

The main reason I wanted to do this project was to get rid of this gross white film we were forced to use. This film does the function of privacy well but it is ugly. From the road it completely whited out my windows. This was problematic because the rest of my windows on the front of my house were clear. Therefore, I had mismatched windows and it drove me crazy for about 2 years.

The first step was removing this white film. It took me a half hour and a lot of strength to remove this film. Make sure you have your drop cloth all set up under you ladder. Once removed you want to work on cleaning the windows and scrapping off any left over glue remaining from the film. I used the knife to start the process of peeling the film and the putty scraper to removed the left over glue. To remove stuck on glue I sprayed the window with Windex and scraped away the glue.

Now you will want to start applying the gallery glass to the windows. It looks and smells like glue. Do not freak out that it applies white and it will dry clear in about 8 hours. I applied it to the windows in a swirl pattern. As I went I would go back through and pop any bubbles that formed. I used the tooth pick to do this. As I was popping bubbles I would also add small circle patterns to the gallery glass using the tooth pick. This left my final product with a ton of awesome texture. If your gallery glass starts to run (as seen in the picture) it is okay. This product is easily removed with a paper towel piece if you get some on the frame of the window. You also should have a drop cloth or something on the floor in case you get some stray drips. In all it was not a messy project. The process of adding the gallery glass took me almost 3 hours with a break for lunch. I did take some tiny breaks because my mom came over to watch me work on this.

This is the finished product!
I have to do 3 more windows in this room. We also bought some really nice sheer window treatments to go over the windows. This way we have our privacy but still have natural light coming though. Overall I am rather happy about the outcome and now my windows will all be one uniform color from the road. Hope to do the rest of the windows soon.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily 

UPDATE: Finished the four windows with my hubby last night. I am so glad to be done with this project. The windows look fantastic but boy was it a ton of work. I would say this project took me 7 hours with 2 hours of help with my husband. Therefore, 9 hours in labor. I owe that man some cookies! 

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