Tuesday, May 31, 2016

House Painting: Volume 3

This is it! We finally finished painting the house. 
Upwards of 40 hours later and it is finally all painted. We had to wait till Monday to paint due to the rainy weekend. Monday took us roughly 7 hours to do the front of the house. This does not include the hour of clean up and installing the lights on the house.

Man it was an ugly boring brown. This picture makes me sad. NOT. Glad we painted it. 

Mixing the paint. All together we used about 5 gallons I would say. We bought more to be safe and have 1.5 gallons left. Which is fine we may need some for touch ups and when we move a window later in a bathroom renovation project we have down the road. We decided to buy all new brushes, roller heads and cups when we were done with 3/4 of the house. This way all of our equipment was fresh and the highest quality. Last time Ryan wore gloves and I wised up and did the same this time. I would recommend you do the same of you have to ever paint your house. This time we mostly used a 2inch and 2.5 inch brush. The 2 inch I used a lot it was angled and worked well for trim work. The large rollers where used for painting as well. This time we had to use drop cloths to protect the brick work and cement.

 I took pictures as we went along. This is after I got the garage section done. I had to do this all by hand (brush) as the rollers would not fit in that area. Super time consuming but it was worth it. At this time of the day the house was shaded by our trees. I would miss this later in the day.

At this point I was wishing I had fireworks or something to light off when Ryan got to the last brush strokes on the house. We were giddy with excitement.

Here she is all done. This is before we cleaned up all of our mess from painting.

 MAN, it looks fantastic. The final look was well worth all the blood (yes I pinched myself in a roller and have a blood blister) sweat and tears.

Special shout out to my husband for not killing me in this process. House renovations are ruff y'all.

We decided to put a second coat on the side of the house because we had extra paint and some spots looked like they needed it.

BONUS POST: We also got new lights for the house. Ryan wanted LED/motion/fancy dimmer ones and we found them at Menards. We did have to go to all three stores in the city though because not one of them had the 5 we needed. Pictures below. Look how awesome they look with the siding. Fits my rustic/metal design aesthetic perfectly. So happy, onto the next project. 

I forgot to mention I also painted my door trim and window trim on Sunday during the day. Turned out great too. Looks awesome with the lights!  

I am over the moon happy with how this all turned out. Now onto figuring out the deck and fence this year. House projects are never ending.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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