Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Travel Adventures: Chicago

Always a good time. Chicago is an adventure no matter what but you add some awesome friends and it is unforgettable. Ryan, Chad, Katelyn and I ventured down planning on going to the Blackhawks and WILD game. Tickets were crazy expensive $100 for standing room. We passed on that but still managed to have a great time.

Saturday before going to Chicago we had a blast at the roller derby in Appleton. How intense those games are. Add in some drinks and laughs it was the perfect night.

First let me take a selfie. Waiting for the train with Ryan. Thank goodness for Katelyn. She was a great guide around town.

After checking into our hotel we took the red line out to where the United Center is. Since tickets for the game were outrageous we hung out with the staff of Billy Goats, ate some cheap/good burgers and watched the Packer game finish. We may have converted some of the staff into Packer fans. We are all screaming and panicking at the bar while the staff ate. It was hilarious and strangely perfect. LOOK at how excited we are after the Packer game finished!

 After this we traveled on the train out to see Katelyn's brother Dan. Dan introduced Ryan to Popeye's chicken. I inhaled that crunchy goodness so no pictures.  Pictured is the strong gin and tonic I had at a dive bar we went to.

We stopped into Lou Malnati's Pizzeria for lunch on Monday. Katelyn used to work here so it was fun to get her idea on what to order. Ryan and I shared a classic deep dish. We got a small and still had leftovers. You have to stop here if you go to Chicago.

Last stop was at K1 which is a go kart race track inside.  These are fast electric go karts. You get 14 laps for about $20. It was a bit intense but actually super thrilling and cool. Everyone had a good time before we headed back home.

Sometimes random quick trips like this are the best to refuel your soul. Good laughs with friends and exploring always make a good time.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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