Monday, June 26, 2017

Travel Adventures: Indy Car Races at Road America

Fast. If you are not careful watching these cars you will get whiplash.  This weekend turned out to be perfection. The weather held out and it ended up being the perfect temperature. Many of my readers have never heard of Road America. I will now state my personal opinion about this race track. It is my favorite and I would argue the best race track in America. I have been to many tracks, heck my dad even ran a race track in South Dakota for two years so I feel like I have seen my fair share. The track itself is difficult and a road track. See their site for the history and some pictures of this 14-turn road circuit track. I would say the scariest part of the track is "the kink". It ate up 4 cars this weekend. As far as watching the races turn 5 is my favorite as it is a good location to see turn 5 and turn 14. The food and drink at this track is really good and not as expensive as you would think. I like to get the corn, ice cream and brats. The track is part nature park, park race track and it is beautiful. I have included some picture high lights from watching the Indy cars going 180 MPH plus around the track. They also had the GT series there which was fun to watch as well.

It was so hard to take pictures of the Indy cars. They move so fast! This is the hill going into turn 5. They get to upwards of 180MPH on this stretch of course.

Saturday day one with the track in back of us. This is before we got really sunburnt. We did find a beer stand in the woods walking along the track. This place is awesome.

This is the legit speed of the cars going into corner 5. This sign would tell you their speed as they came into the corner.

Day two started with a fun drive with some family friends to breakfast. We always have a blast on the way to breakfast. :)

I have read this book two times. It was time to stop by Mr. Levy and get my signed copy and sticker for my car. This book is fantastic if you want a good read about cars.

The Indy cars are super fun to watch but so was the GT series. Look at all those BMW's!

This is legit. A Mader golf cart. Ryan was laughing so hard. He asked me if I thought that the golf cart followed the race cars around asking if they needed help.  
This poor Maserati was in third for most of the race. He spun himself out at corner 14 towards the end of the race. I always sing that Joe Walsh song "My Maserati does 185"... Sadly this one is doing 0 MPH. Had some damage to the front.

My mom recently sent me an article about how people that spend money on experiences are happier in life I think I would have to agree.

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