Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sawyer August

Sometimes in life waiting for things is the hardest. Yesterday little Sawyer August Kussow joined this beautiful world. Most people know I do not want children. That does not mean I cannot love them to pieces. That is also why when your adoptive sister has your nephew it is extra special.

 Sisters from different Misters-
You ever meet someone when you are young and you click in every way. I always say that blood is really nothing when it comes to family for me. When I met Liz (Sawyer's mommy) we were really young and I remember her wearing these god awful socks with sandals. It was funny to me because she was so pure and kind. I was intrigued and confused by her but some sort of happiness has always radiated from her. It makes you want to be around her and hear her silly laugh. We are literally sisters in every sense of the word and watching her become a mother was really one of the best joys I have ever experienced.

Mister cool- 
I remember when Liz said she was going to start dating Brandon. I have never in my life met someone so damn smart. Little Sawyer is going to be sweet due to Liz and have brains like Brandon. He is really the type of person you have to be friends with and you go out of your way to hear his thoughts on things. PLUS, he knows how to calm all us crazy girls down. He is going to be a fantastic dad.

Enough about these amazing parents here are some pictures of the cutest little baby. He has a Jay Leno dimple in his chin. So dang cute.

I cannot wait to watch him grow into a little boy and a man someday. Life is such a beautiful thing. Welcome to this crazy and lovely world little one. Our hearts are already full of love for you.

Until next time~
XOXO Emily

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