Friday, July 29, 2016

Concert Tips

I am by no means an expert on going to concerts but I do have some great tips to share. We counted last night and Ryan and I have seen about 62 concerts this year so I do for sure have some experience with attending concerts successfully.

1. Dress comfortably. 
What time of the year and time of day are you going to this concert? Is it indoors? Will you be in a pit situation or sitting in chair rocking back and forth?
I know this seems like a ton of questions but they are things that are going to determine what you should wear.  Long gone are the days of trying to look super cute. Most of the time I am going to sweat from dancing. I want my hair up and comfortable shoes to dance in. Trust me your feet and body will thank you for not wearing those 6 inch heels.

2. Bring cash. Your going to want to get at least a water at the place you are going to. If not water maybe you want to get something to eat. Most places I go to do not have the option to open a tab. Cash only! Always remember most artists only make money off of their merchandise. Buy a shirt.

3.  Arrive Early.
Always plan to get there early. At least a half hour if you can manage. You want to be able to get a drink and locate a good location. I hate nothing more than finding my spot to have a buncha people trying to squeeze in by me when the music starts. Please don't be that guy.

4. Always show up for the opener.
 Show up trust me sometimes the opening bands are better than the main band. I have had this happen at least  twice this year when I show up excited for the main act and the opening band rocked my face off. Just do it.

Notice the guy in the shades? That is my husband Ryan!
5. Have fun!
People are going to push into you. They are going to be drunk. It maybe hard to hear. The stage may break. The venue may suck. Let it all go and get into the music. It is the best release of my troubles I can experience. Sometimes I close my eyes and zone into it.

You never know what you are missing out in this world till you go explore it. Get out there and experience some music people!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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