Monday, February 27, 2017

Travel Adventures: Door County in Winter

Traveling on a whim has to be one of my favorite things. Saturday Ryan and I decided to head up to Door County to see some music at the Door County Brewery. Door County is always thought of as a summer destination. While it is true that it is great in the summer some businesses tuff it out and are open year round. This trip we did not do any wine tasting but that is always fun. We stopped at some stores in Egg Harbor and Fish Creek on our way to Bailey's Harbor. One store was packed with leather, fur and wood art. Fun to roam in there for like an hour or so.

I promise it was sunny out till I said something about it being sunny. The snow was so pretty.
We stopped at Baileys Harbor Cornerstone Pub & Restaurant for dinner since it was close to the brewery. Always fun to talk to locals and eat some yummy local fish.

I saw this cider place on Wisconsin Foodie and we just had to try it. This was the lavender option. It was good but for sure something to sip on.
Door County Brewing Company serves you pretzels to clear your palate before each beer. Cleaver and yummy.

We decided to try flights of beer to try all of the options they had. This was a great idea. The menu was helpful and so were the locals/employees on giving us history on each beer.

Here is the menu. Little Sister is still my favorite closely followed by the toasted coconut.

A Wisconsin Cheese plate is always something fun to snack on. Dried blueberries made this extra special as I have never had those before.

I cannot take a good picture to save my life. Brother Brothers the band we saw was electric and super fun.  We had such a blast on this adventure. Whom ever says you have to plan out all your trips is crazy. Be spontaneous sometime you will not regret it!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily 

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