Monday, March 13, 2017

Organizing Closet

It is time to spring clean! I know it does not feel like it with the snow but spring comes next week already. I took the time to follow through with my closet plans I started last year. I sat down and flipped all my hangers backward early last year. Ryan and I thought if by the end of the year they were not flipped over from being worn within the year they needed to go. I have some tips and tricks I use for organizing and getting rid of clothes. Hope this is helpful!

1. Flip those hangers. I general face all my hangers in that way they are easy to access. Flipping them the other way with the hanger facing forward is a good way to see what has not been worn in a year. I had over 20 items that I donated because they were facing the opposite direction after a year.

2. Do not hang onto things due to emotional attachment. Someone gave you a shirt as a gift or maybe it was expensive. These are common reasons people hang on to ill fitting or clothes they do not wear anymore. This is silly and I am guilty of this as well. I actually have a particular pair of dress pants that I bought when I was 50 pounds heavier. I kept them all this time because they were expensive. I cannot even wear them anymore and yet I held onto them. It felt good to finally give them to the donate pile yesterday.

3. Organize by use. The top row is work dress's and tops, plain t-shirts, band t-shirts, sports t-shirts and MISC. t-shirts. The bottom row is exercise hoodies, sweaters, dress pants and jeans. I tried to group them by like type items so I can quickly go to that section and grab what I need. I also organized my scarfs this way by use. Winter scarves are in the back and dress scarves in the front.

4. If it is damaged get rid of it. Holes in your socks? Tear in that jacket? If it is not something that can be an easy fix it is time to throw it out.

5. Donating is great it means you can go buy new things. I really need to start living this motto more. Since losing weight I have slowly started buying better fitting items and donating the ill fitting items. 

Some day I will be cool like Ryan and have all wooden hangers. For the time being I think it still looks really good. Let's hope I can keep it this organized.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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