Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Travel Adventures: Millwaukee/The Lumineers Concert

What an adventure! Sometimes in life things fall into place in such a perfect way that you really could not have planned them better. As many of you know Ryan and I do a lot of random last minute traveling. It brings us joy and being able to bring others along just adds to the happiness.

This adventure starts with a dear friend having to sell her tickets to The Lumineers. I love this band I did not buy tickets this time around because I had seen them last year. Ryan and I like to continuously try new bands so it can get crazy if you try to throw to much in the mix. Our friend Ashley was kind enough to offer her tickets to us to buy due to not being able to go. Originally I could not find anyone to go with us. Last minute my mom and dad agreed to go with. We packed up the car and were on our way!  As many people know my father has cancer and it is nice to be able to get him out enjoying life and spending time together.

First stop was the original Water Street Brewery . This was the perfect place to take my family the menu was vast so everyone could get something to their liking. The also have their beers on tap and such which always makes the craft beer lover in me happy.

We then had a little more time to kill after parking the car. That was interesting as the ramp we usually park in was tore down for the new Buck's stadium. We always know we can count on Mader's  for a good German beer. This is as classic as it gets when it comes to German bars. The service was a little slow and we quickly realized that it is because the restaurant was packed almost overflowing with people. I went to the bathroom and walked past like 100 people in all their service rooms they have.

After killing some time at Mader's it was time to go to the concert. I really liked seeing The Lumineers outside and I was hoping inside they would be even better. They killed it. Back to that in a bit first I have to tell the tale of the missing donuts. When your on a trip with your family you want to make sure everyone is happy. My dad loves mini donuts and if he could have them every day I bet he would. We could smell them and saw a sign advertising them at two locations. One on floor 200 and one on floor 400. NADA.... Not there! We were stumped and thought maybe they were not serving them at all our noses lied to us. Until my mom saw a lady with some. I sprinted after this stranger as fast as my body would let me to ask her where she got them. "Oh on floor 300" she tells me. Once again this was not true nothing on that floor. The suites are on that floor and the lady working there directed us back to floor 200 near 204 she says. Becoming rather annoyed we almost gave up when we got to 204 and there were no donuts in sight. Lucky for us my tall husband spotted the stand!
Mini donuts in hand we made it back to our seats as the first opener started.

The first opening band was pretty good Susto.  I liked their up tempo beats and vocals a lot.
The second opener was Kaleo. I really only liked half of their set. Their music has a strange off beat to it sometimes and I am not a fan of the lead singers voice on some of the songs. He tries to sing high sometimes and his range does not really allow that. I liked the blues tracks more than the other songs they sang.

The Lumineers. They are special. Most of their songs are under 5 minutes. I like to call their music short and sweet. Their song pacing is perfection it is almost like a dance class. They build you up with fast manic pace and then cool down for a bit. The lead singer shared some personal stories about his father dying of cancer and some of the songs he sang were about that. I found that touching to be standing next to my own father who is battling the disease. They roam the stage, they run through the crowd and they even pay some songs in the crowd on a smaller stage.  It was a great show and even my parents really enjoyed themselves.

I find that the older you get the less time you have with the ones you love. If you can have nights like this where you go on a random adventure I would recommend it. What's the worst that can happen you eat too many donuts?

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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