Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Should Mean Love

I do not talk politics. This post is not political nor will I get into any sort of debate with anyone about what happened in Orlando. That is my straight up disclaimer.

I do what to talk openly about how it made me feel though. I have no answers nor will I pretend to know the answers.

1. Scared. What is going on world? Why are we so hateful about things we do not understand? I always try to at least come from a place of understanding when someone expresses a different view point than me. I say I am scared because I have friends that cannot love who their heart calls for because someone does not understand their love. It is okay to not understand or not feel comfortable. I am not comfortable with sky diving and roller coasters but I just avoid those things. Let us all try to be open shall we and just try to not come from a place of hate. I want my friends and family to be able to walk down the street and not be scared. Scared for them to be in their homes or out in public without being attacked.

2. Confused. I partial touched on this in numero uno. Why are people not educating themselves? This is where my confusion comes in. I am confused how people can openly go around hating something that they know nothing about. I do not know anything about electronics. Does not mean I hate my phone. "I hate you phone" smash it on the ground. I know that our primal instinct is to lash out when we do not understand something to protect ourselves. Let us fight that gut instinct and try to understand why others live differently than us. It may not be the way we want to live and that is okay but show some respect.

3. Sadness. I just feel sad. Sad that I am supposed to live in a free country and I do not. People are supposed to be to be free to speak their minds and live the way they want to. That is not the current case in this country. Everyone thinks so and so should live how they are only. I think that if you want to live a certain way then you should be able to as long as you do not impose on others.

4. Love. What did Emily just say she feels loved? I do let me explain why. When really bad thing happen like Orlando and good people die it makes me turn inward. It makes you look around wide eyed at those in your circle of family and friends and feel their love. I see it in the smile of my husband in the morning with his fun bed head hair/the hello, good morning of lovely co-worker.

I want to leave this conversation with an urging for you to try to love more. Be more understanding. Try to learn about what you do not understand. Respect others around you and their lives even though they are different than yours. We are only on this earth for a short time and causing people to be scared, confused and sad is not a good reason or feeling to leave others with. Let's leave others with love.
Until next time~
XOXO Emily

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