Thursday, June 30, 2016

Travel Adventures: Electric Forest Volume 2

I really need to post about all the amazing art and food I have before the details start to slip through my fingers. Some of the best art and food I have ever had. Festival food that is 5 star perfection at times. Man it was good.


Front gate
Chicken and Waffles: I hate to admit this openly but I have never tried this before. I was lucky enough to have the best fried chicken and waffle of my life. The chicken was perfectly breaded and lightly fried. Not overly greasy. We poured syrup over the chicken and the waffle and ate it all together.

Roti Roll: Excuse my language but WTF is this amazingness? If food could make you cry this almost did. A rice type tortilla stuffed with mac n cheese, kimchi, pulled pork and topped with a sriracha fried egg. It was so damn amazing.

Spicy Pie: I read a ton about this on Reddit and how I had to try it. So, I did.  A piece of pizza the size of your head with pepperoni, jalapenos, red pepper flakes and cheese. It was really good but if you do not like the heat you would die. I found it to be interesting eating this in the dark trying to avoid large chunks of jalapeno.

Spicy Pie with Pineapple: I rather enjoyed this twist. Ryan said it took away from the heat of the pie.

Cheese Pizza: Too sweet for me I preferred the spicy pie. 

Peanut Noodles: Just fantastic. Served with plenty of veggies and enough for two people to share. We could add chicken for no extra cost. No brainer there. Was really good.

Chicken Teriyaki: Not as good as the peanut noodles. I did like the sauce on the chicken though and they of course gave you a good helping of veggies too.

Grapefruit Mint Popsicle: King of the Popsicle company makes these and I need a box of 1,000 shipped to my house please. Light and refreshing in 90 degree heat.

Jalapeno Corn Dog: Just when you think a corn dog cannot get better they do. I loved this it was perfect for a quick lunch and was slightly spicy.

Sun through the forest.
Fried Cauliflower: When Ryan showed up with this I was like is that tempura? It was and it was really awesome for a little snack. Lightly battered and crispy. I only wish it was served with a light sauce.

Felafel Wrap: I eyed this stand all week and had it for lunch one day. I liked the large chunks of felafel I only wish they had more sauce in the wrap it became a little dry.

Fancy Breakfast Smoothie: I struggle to remember what was in this. I know there was mango and banana and that is was super refreshing.

Bah-mi Sandwich: Meh, it had way to big of chunks of chicken and not nearly enough pickled veggies to justify the cost. I did like the flavors though. Pickled veggies are always the bomb.


The light reflecting off the trees was pure magic. The lanterns and the goddess in the middle where huge and breath taking.

The Goddess that was added this year. She appeared to be bursting from the ground.

The entrance to the forest. These lanterns need to be in my backyard.

Entrance to the forest at night.

Gorgeous sculpture. This is the mother of the forest. She has evolved over the years into this current state of vines and bronze.

Vibrant mediation garden with a huge structure in the back.

A huge wall of art that moved. It was like a projector that had a moving image. Super cool.

I literally stumbled over a hammock into this in the dark. It was a water fountain and I was mesmerized. The forest is magical because it took me a couple of days to find it again in the light.

Giant bird! This picture does not do it justice in size and beauty.

Ryan taking in the lights amongst the trees.

The top level of the observatory. Super ornate carvings and details.

The top level of the observatory.

Disco ball that rotated. At some point in the week it was smoking a cloud of strange smoke. Made of CD's.

So relaxed!

Another entrance to the forest.

The Nest.

Inside The Nest. Cute Turtle.

Butterflies. They released them into the wild.

Hammock area.

No big deal just a library in the middle of the forest.

Wearable art was all over too!

It was so magical and I am happy that I had some pictures to share with you all. Until the next big adventure.

XoXo Emily

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