Friday, June 17, 2016

Tie Dye

Ryan and I have a ton of music festivals coming up and we wanted to make our ezup look cool not boring and lame. So, we dyed our ezup sides. As you can see above they turned out amazing.

What you need~
Rubber bands
Dye (We used Deco Art Jacquard Procion Mx Dye, 2/3-Ounce, Bright Green, Fire Engine Red and Turquoise.)
Fabric to dye (We had two large fabric sides and two t-shirts)
Soda ash (1 pound)
Jacquard Urea 1lb Pkg For Batiking
New Star 26115 Plastic Squeeze Bottle, 8-Ounce, Clear, Set of 6  
5 gallon bucket
Water hose

I am not recreating the wheel here this is a tried and true process and there are many amazing tutorials out there. We roughly followed this method at Best Dye .

Here is some pictures of our work.

 Here are all the supplies we needed. No gloves, tarp or buckets pictured.
Giant bag of rubber bands!

We soaked the fabric in the soda ash for at least 15 minutes. Highly recommend doing this on a tarp it can get a little messy.Twist out as much water as possible.

Make a fancy shape and put a ton of rubber bands around your little ball of fabric. Ryan did a really cool twisted technique.

Mix up your dyes. We had the tiny bottles but honestly thought we needed more so we used some old bottles in the recycling to make larger batches of dye. We sadly did not get to drink that margarita mix while doing this.

Starting the process of dying. Dose it really good as the more you have soak in the more bright the colors will stay.

Looking good.

Work in progress. I am sure Ryan could go for a margarita at this point. To bad that is dye and not mix!

All ready to sit in a bag for 24 hours. We put them each in their own garbage bag and they hung out in the garage for that time.

The next day we rinsed them on the tarp outside till they ran clear with the cold hose water. I forgot to take pictures of that process. Sorry!

We then put them in the washer machine for the hot cycle and ran the dryer.
DISCLAIMER: Run your washing machine through another cycle after doing this so that you make sure all dye is out of the machine before washing normal clothes.

Here they are hanging to dry more.

How cool does that look? We did have some slight shrinkage on the sides due to drying but Ryan used clamps for the sides and they held up really nice. Cannot wait to bust this out at Electric Forest and Rock USA!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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