Monday, September 19, 2016

Travel Adventures: Festival Palamino

One of my favorite bands was headlining a festival this past weekend and I had to go. We ordered our tickets and it was well worth the money we spent. A relaxing day topped off under the beautiful moon with Trampled by Turtles. Here are the highlights from this fun filled trip to the Twin Cities.

Special shout out for Maggie and Marshal for hosting Ryan and I.

We had Pizza Luce which I love. Baked potato pizza sounds nasty but is heavenly. We had some other tasty varieties as well.  They even let us split two types into one pizza as shown.

Pickle living the good life. Doesn't he look like my Stella?

Killer line up!
Cheese curds at the festival. These were amazing. I really loved how they were hand battered and fried. Yum!

It was overcast in the morning and sunny all afternoon. Cool sign they had for the festival. People took funny pictures in front of it.

Enjoying the sun with my wonderful husband.

Ha. We are goofy. Maggie and Marshal the awesome people that let us tag along all weekend.

 How cool is that skyline! The place was packed but comfortable to move around all day and night.

Trampled by Turtles. I am unsure how their hands move so fast. They really just put on the best show if you do not dance and clap along you are crazy.

Yesterday we decided to take some pit stops in our old college spots. Look at the gorgeous water in Hudson, WI.

 We stumbled across bacon festival in River Falls, WI. Don't worry I did get some bacon.

Lastly. I got my Mariachi Loco in River Falls, WI. This place has the BEST mole I have had. I really need to locate a local place like this by Green Bay, WI. Their mole is my favorite because it is sweet but savory at the same time. Their sauce is sooo good.
I love when you leave your trips open for randomness to fill in. Often times you find loads of fun stuff to do this way.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily


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