Friday, February 26, 2016

Mexican Chicken

Sometimes one is lazy and throws some stuff in the crock pot. This was the perfect storm of creativity and yum! Throw all of the ingredients in the crock pot and forget about it for 8 hours. Make some rice to eat with it and you have one great meal for hardly any work at all.

What you need~
Can of rotel
Can of salsa
3 chicken breasts
Can of black beans
1 cup of corn
1 onion
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
4 sweet peppers
cumin, cajun, salt and pepper
Black olives and cheese for garnish

Go ahead and add the chicken to the pot. Season it rather heavily as shown.

Add the chopped onion and peppers on top of the chicken.

Gather these things and pour them on top. Make sure you drain the black beans and wash them first. Add the corn to the mix too.

MMMM... Looking tasty. Make sure you season this as you go dumping things in the pot. Put it on low for 8 hours and forget about it.

Make some brown rice or white... or whatever you have. Put that in the bottom of a bowl and laddle this yummy mix in the bowl. You can top with cheese and olives if you wish. Need more heat add some hot sauce or cool down with some sour cream. This makes a ton of leftovers.

I will be on vacation next week so no new posts for awhile. HELLO warm weather in the Bahamas!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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