Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mouth Watering Grilled Cheese

I was raised on the classic grilled cheese. American craft singles sandwiched between two pieces of white bread. My mom always grilled these sandwiches to perfection after coating the bread with real butter. None of that crappy fake butter (looking at your margarine). Sometimes if you were lucky she would pair it with tomato soup. Classic meal growing up that I still crave. Now-a-days I want something a little more complicated but just as tasty. Here are my tips for the best mouth watering grilled cheese.

1. Bread- The quality of bread will directly effect the outcome of your sandwich. I try to find something that is not skinny. What I mean by that is that the bread is wide and tall. This way you have room for toppings. I really like a good local sourdough if I can get it or rye.

2.Cheese- We want good quality cheese. If you are into America Craft Singles that is cool but let's be real that is not really cheese. Be honest with yourself on that you need and deserve some good cheese. A good option we have found is brie with gouda. Both of these cheeses melt really well. Brie gives a good mouth feel while gouda has a nice smokey flavor profile. I found brie on super sale yesterday and it make me so happy. Will work well for a pizza idea I have.

3. Toppings- I said it. I won't take it back. Some people argue that if you put toppings on your grilled cheese it is not really a grilled cheese. I would have to argue that no one is actually going out to their grill and putting cheese on it. I mean that is technically what you should call this sandwich. ANYWAY. If you do not want toppings don't put them on then. I personally like to put some on. The options are endless. Last night we did figs and mushrooms that were fried up first. That with some cranberry mustard. Just drool worthy. 

4. Butter & olive oil- This sounds crazy but it works. I coat the outside of the bread with a spray olive oil. This helps the bread get perfectly brown. Ryan found that melting a little butter in the pan and placing the sandwiches in it helps too.

5. Put it all together- Stack your toppings in your sandwich. Put your mustard or sauce on the bread after spraying the bread on the outside with the olive oil. I recommend you do this on a napkin or plate. Layer cheese, toppings and lastly the other piece of bread. We like to cook ours on a flat top. On the flat top (or pan) put some butter and let it melt. Then place sandwiches on the butter. I use a giant lid of a pan to cover the sandwiches and steam them a bit so the cheese gets all melty. When it looks about done on one side carefully flip it. Cook a little longer and try not to burn yourself when you eat it.

I cannot express how amazing this is. Taking the time and money to do this right is soooo worth it. Go out and explore some fun flavors!

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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