Monday, August 8, 2016

Travel Adventures: Pizza Luce Block Party & Summit Brewery

It was epic. It was fun. Can we do it again? 
 Went to MN to see my friends new house, their kittens, go to a bunch of fun meals, Pizza Luce Block Party and a special brew release at Summit. It was a whirl wind of fun.

This is Pickle. He likes to help others play games before going to fancy dinners. He was not very good at writing with a pen. Ryan had to help a lot. Kittens are so cute. Him and his brother Gordon are such little personalities.

We ate a ton of amazing food this weekend. The restaurant Chimborazo was no different. Hornado Con Papas is what I ordered. Roasted pork with llapingachos (potato cakes with cheese) and tomato- onion curtido. Don't worry I poured the aji crillo (magic sauce) all over this as well as all my other food items. Man it was packed with intense flavors and if it was not awkward I would have licked my plate. 

It was hot and it was magically with all the pizza/music. Pizza Luce Block Party never disappoints. I had two pieces of pizza (Athena which was packed with veggies) & (Luce think onions and garlic). Both were fantastic. I also had a Summit London Brew that was refreshing on a hot day. Here is a picture of the stage. I have to do a shout out to the guy that played the washboard like a boss. No idea what your name was but you rocked! 

Gordon the seal cat. I mean no weekend is complete without cute kittens right? I had a ton of time to play with these adorable little cats. My hands are full of scratches and I do not care.

Onto Summit we go! Summit Brewery is nestled into a industrial park. They have a huge tap room with rows of large windows flanking the walls. Tons of setting/games and puzzles to play while you taste the beers on tap. They even had great outdoor seating, clean bathrooms, well organized gift shop AND a food truck. Perfect night.

The special beer we were here to try. It was refreshing with a light mint after taste. I really enjoyed it.

Overall we had a fabulous time. I always love visiting friends and having fun adventures like this. With the weather we could not have asked for a better road trip weekend.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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