Monday, August 22, 2016

Sharpie Nail Pedicure

I like to have fun nails in the summer and I paint them every other week usually. One of the new things that I stumbled upon was using a sharpie marker as a dotting tool. For years I have used a bobby pin and polish to make dots. This is so much easier.

What you need~
Base coat
Nail polish (mint)
Sharpie marker ( black and silver)
Top coat

Put on your base coat and at least two layers of your colored polish. I used a mint china glaze color that took two layers to be this rich of a color. 

Looking good. Let it dry completely before moving onto the decorating step next.

My foot looks really long here. Creepy.

Using the sharpie as a dotting tool put some dots down in whatever style you want. I only had silver and black on hand. I want to go buy some more fun colors to try out. Make sure you let this dry for a while before you put on top coat. This way the colors will not run. Something easy and fun for you to try if you do your own nails.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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