Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Travel Adventures: Auto-X Road America

A couple years ago one of my husband's co-workers asked him to go to a auto-x ("cross") event that he was racing in. We went and Ryan wanted to do it immediately. I of course being a nervous wife did not want him to do this as racing is "dangerous". He assured me he was going to take a class on it that they were offering to learn to race properly and learn from the experts. This class was good it showed me that racing can be safe if you are taught properly and know the limits of your car.

So we were off and that was almost 3 plus years ago. Now we go to 2 maybe 3 events a year. I always jokingly tell Ryan he has to go get out his need for speed.

Around the track we go!
Chilling in grid.
I guess I should explain what auto-x is. We usually go to the ones that are set up on a go-kart track. The course is set up with a series of orange cones. The goal is to make it around the track as fast as possible without hitting the cones. Most tracks you do not go overly fast on. I would say 60-70 MPH max. If you hit a cone it is a deduction and if you go off of the track with more than two wheels it is a disqualification for that round.

We had fun this past Sunday. Road America is one of our favorite places to race. The go-kart track is right next to the normal track so in your down time you can watch the track which is cool. They have nice bathrooms and serve food.

It was so hot let that engine cool.
Sexy support car.
This time the course that was set up was relatively hard and fast. Some of the corners made my belly get butterflies. Ryan had a goal of getting 51 seconds and he reached that goal which is always nice.  People always ask if I will ever race my MINI. We have a rule where we only race one of our cars and the MINI is a good support vehicle. It is always stocked with a cooler of water and snacks.

The last event of the year we will maybe go to is here again. Always a fun time.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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