Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year In Review

Hello, 2017 I can see you around the corner. While I am excited for what lays ahead it is always nice to reflect on what was. 2016 was a challenging year. I know I have seen things about people excited to watch 2016 die. How sad.  While it was a year that brought on many sad things you must always look at the good. A new favorite quote of mine from Star Wars states: "I am one with the Force, the Force is with me."

Lebrewski cruise was a fantastic first trip of the year. Packed with great music and craft beer. We even got to swim in the nice warm water of the Bahamas.

For Liz's 30th birthday her and Ryan jumped out of a perfectly good plane. It was thrilling and terrifying to watch.
Electric Forest was one of the coolest places on earth. Good vibes and tons of really tasty food mixed with non-stop music. 

Threw a totally fun Halloween party with some really creative games and costumes.
We painted our house! What a time consuming project. It was well worth the time and effort though to make my house go from trash to a treasure.
I love traveling to MN  to see my friends. Add in good food, beer and some bluegrass you have heaven. Not to mention we got to hang out with some cute naughty kittens.
We did some racing this year. As always is was fun and Ryan beat his personal times.
My favorite thing this year my tattoo. It took a ton of work, it hurt soooo bad and it was totally worth it. My gift to myself for turning the dirty 30!  
The last big trip of the year. Toronto was a blast. We saw dinosaurs, ate poutine out of shipping containers and traveled by tram everywhere.

In closing count your blessings. This year was tuff but it was still amazing. Have a wonderful new year.

XoXo Emily

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