Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Band Spotlight: O.A.R

You know those bands that fly under the radar right. You hear their music on the radio and you think  to yourself "I love this band." That is O.A.R. for me. I downloaded their most recent album earlier this year because I liked it so much and it has been in circulation on my spotify for a while. They have this soulful indie feel to their music that is perfect for jamming out to while you work or drive somewhere. Some of my favorite songs are "Two Hands Up", "Heaven" and "Favorite Song". All of which have been played pretty frequently on the alternative rock station where I live. I wanted to spotlight them this week because Ryan and I are actually going on a beer and music cruise and guess who is going to be on that cruise!? I cannot wait to see them live. I watched them on a TV special last winter and thought they were fantastic live. I really think you should check them out.

CLICK HERE to stop in at their website.

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