Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Music That Shapes Us.

Lately a lot of really good artists are passing away. It is heart breaking for sure that we lose such legends as Lemmy and David Bowie. A lot of their music people love without even realizing it. Music is really a big part of who I am as a person. I would have to say two of my big loves in life are food and music. I was thinking I really lack posts about music yesterday and that bothers me to a certain extent. Therefore, I want to start having some posts showcasing my favorite artists to help expose everyone to what I love. If you review some of my previous posts from way way back I talk about the Civil Wars and 2 Cellos. I love those two bands for sure. I spent a lot of my year going to as many concerts as I can. This is the best way to discover new bands.

I guess with music the best part about it as it shapes you in ways you do not really know about. Think about it when you hear certain songs they bring up memories. Here is some songs I can relate to in shaping who I am as a person and some fun stories that go along with them.

REO Speedwagon- Ridin' the Storm Out
 Ridin' the Storm Out Video
Riding with my dad in the semi at like 2 am listening to this during a rain storm. It was funny and exactly what was happening in that moment. Makes me smile to think back to my college days traveling with my parents all over the U.S. 

Elton John- Your Song
 Your Song Video
Watching Moulin Rouge with Ryan when we were 17ish on my old futon. This song makes me think of him and being in young love.

Kansas- Dust in the wind 
 Dust in the wind Video
For some reason this song was playing the day my Grandmother passed and I now hear it and think of all the good times we had.

David Gray- Sail Away
 Sail Away Video
One year while driving around drinking hot coco Ryan and I listened to this whole album while looking at Christmas lights. Now I think of Christmas and chocolate when I hear this song.

 Foo Fighters- Skin and Bones
Skin and Bones Video  
You thought I would get through the list without a Foo song!?
This actually reflects this whole album it makes me think of that transition period I had between college and working full time in Green Bay. I must have listened to this album on repeat during that time of my life and it makes me so grateful for what I have.

Fleetwood Mac- Tusk
Tusk Video  
For some reason tusk reminds me of watching the labyrinth and that makes me think of David Bowie. I guess it is because it reminds me of the scene in the movie with the creepy red bird things. That song is really similar to tusk. This song is so fun and upbeat it reminds me of when I was in choir in high school as well.

What songs flood your brain with fond memories? What has shaped your life?

Share in the comments.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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