Monday, November 2, 2015

Caramel Apple Bar

This weekend was the big party. It was extremely fun and it appears everyone had a great time. One of the tastiest parts of the Halloween party was the caramel apple bar. Everyone loves a caramel apple!

Here is what you need-              
3 pounds of caramels
Evaporated milk (3/4 a can)
Crock pot linerCrock pot
Spoon or stir stick
Parchment paper

Roasted peanuts 
Mini M&M's
Mini chocolate chips

My caramels came with sticks to make the caramel apples which was fantastic. 

WARNING! Make sure you put a liner in your crock pot so that you are not trying to scrap burnt caramel out of your crock pot late at night. 

You want to start by removing all of the wrappers from the caramels and throwing them into the crock pot at least an hour on high before people show up.  It was helpful to have six people help me with this because 3 pounds is a ton of work! As the caramel melts slowly add the evaporated milk to keep the caramel from burning on the bottom and to make it creamy and easier to dip apples in. Mix the caramel frequently until melted and then turn crock pot down to warm setting.

Prep all the toppings by cutting up nuts and smashing oreos. My friend Marshal is a oreo smashing pro. Put the toppings on plates so it is easy for people to grab. 

Rip a piece of parcenment paper off to place your toppings on. This is where you roll the apple. Make sure you make a "road" out of toppings for your apply to pick up. If your "road" is not thick enough the apple may stick to the parchment paper.

Here is how to get that perfect apple.
#1. Insert stick into apple. 
#2. Slowly roll and dip into caramel that is in the crock pot. 
#3. Allow excess caramel to drip off back into the crock pot. 
#4. Roll your apple in the toppings and make sure evenly covered. 
#5. Place on parchment paper to dry. 

It took a little of trial and error in the beginning but once I had the technique down I had everyone making perfect apples. After they were dry we placed them all in fresh parchment paper and into adorable caramel apple treat bags!

I wish I took more pictures but we were having way to much fun. 

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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