Monday, November 9, 2015

Flavored Water

Not all water is created equal in the world. I was raised on delicious well water straight from the ground (at my grandpa and grandmothers) and it was fantastic. I have never had a strong love for pure boring water. Even now when I have lost all my weight and I exercise regularly I do not get a thrill out of plain water. So what is a healthy girl to do?

Flavored water is the answer.

There are so many things you can do to pump up your water. Here are some of my favorite add in's-
Cucumbers- I once had this at a spa and thought I needed to make it at home. I will cut tiny pieces and throw it in a glass.
Lemons & Limes- These are so light and refreshing. A little goes a long way. I always ask for lemon in my water when I go out to eat. It is my restaurant go to to avoid that sugary soda.
Strawberries- I will admit that this is a rare treat for me. The strawberries are best muddled in the water. It gives a sweet taste to the water that I love. In the spring after picking the berries this is perfect.

Sometimes you are running around and do not have time to cut up fruit or whatever. That is okay too there are a ton of zero calorie flavors you can add. I always have at least 3 crystal light squeeze bottles at my work desk or in the pantry at home. Making herbal tea and letting it cool is another great way to add flavor. I like to make wild sweet orange and drink it cold all the time.

 All my favorites!

Ultimately cutting sugary soda and juices out of your life does not need to be boring. It was a rude awaking to me when I realized I was drinking upwards of 1,500 calories in drinks each day. Turning a new leaf and cutting those out has really changed my life for the better. I challenge you to try to supplement your life with some flavored water and make some healthy lifestyle changes. A little goes a long way.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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