Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I live in a country where as a woman I take a ton of things for granted. I can do things in the United States that I would never ever be allowed to do in less developed countries. I can drive myself to work. Just think about that in some places a woman is not allowed to drive much less go to work unsupervised by a male relative. Even better I was able to marry someone outside of my religion that I personally picked all on my own.

I then was sitting in my car on my way to work thinking why do I have these freedoms still? These basic rights of equality that all women have in the United States. I have them because my grandfather fought in the military for my country. He went to Alaska and almost froze to death to give me basic rights. He worked his tail off to defend me and my country. I sit here and think how awesome is that? Someone goes out in the world and puts their life on the line so you can drive you MINI Cooper to work each morning. Something so basic that you do without batting an eye. Then there is my dad who was in the Marines. Someone who wears his Marines hat with pride and did the same thing my grandfather did protecting me. These brave men went out and did something I could never do.

I mean how do you thank someone for that? I do not even know how to go about posting something meaningful that would show the amount of gratitude I feel today and every day for these people. I mean yes I wore red, white and blue today and the a ton of places offer free food to veterans today. But is that really enough to show we care? Make sure that you support the veterans in your life every day not just on veterans day. When you see a vet in uniform or you see someone rocking a military hat thank them for their service. I do this ever time I get the chance because let's be real I love driving my car to work!

Here are my two personal vets on my wedding day. Are they not super handsome!?

Here is Jupe (Francis) Wesoloski my amazing grandfather and Mike (Michael) Fonder my fantastic father. I was blessed to be raised by such strong and amazing men.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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