Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Turkey Noodle Soup

Remember when we made that delicious turkey in the crock pot last week? When you have a giant turkey breast and two people you run out of things to do really quick. Therefore, you make your mom's chicken soup recipe but you sub in turkey. This recipe has ruff estimates for ingredients because as you know it is hard to get recipes out of our parents and grandparents. My mom is notorious for saying things like "add salt to taste." The good news is that you can make this soup in under an hour in a half really. Quick and oh so perfect for this cold fall weather that is finally creeping in. The best part of this recipe is that I have enough for Ryan and I to have lunches all week!

 Things you will need-
1 pound of carrots (an entire bag)
5 stalks of celery including the leaves
1 yellow/sweet onion
4 cups of turkey breast 
1 bag of frozen Reames noodles 
64 ounces of chicken broth
2 chicken broth cubes
1 Tablespoon of chicken better than bouillon  
96 ounces of water
2 bay leaves 
Salt and pepper to taste
Parsley to taste 
Mrs. Dash to taste                                                                                

You want to start by cutting up all the carrots, celery and onion. Make sure that the celery has the leaves added to the soup. I know this sounds strange but they add such great flavor. Add to a giant stock pot and let simmer on low for about 2-5 minutes to soften the veggies. Add that cut up turkey meat to the party in the pot!

Now you have to add all the liquids. Start by adding the chicken broth to the pot. I like to use a mix of chicken broth already made, bouillon cubes and broth paste. You could use all of one type of you want. After I add the broth I add the water then the cubes and paste. Mix really well. Your stock pot should be pretty full at this point.

Let us take a moment to talk about seasoning things. You should season every step of the way. You added carrots. Then season with salt and pepper. You add the onions. Season! Seasoning as you go ensures that you built layers of flavor. I will say that my hubby mentioned that the soup was a tad too peppery this time so be mindful of others you are cooking for. I love pepper so I tend to go over board. I also like to limit my use of salt which is why Mrs. Dash was also used. I added the parsley right before I added the water. You only need to add that one time. I do not tend to season with parsley more than once unlike salt and pepper for example.

Does this not look fantastic?
Let the soup cook covered for about an hour to an hour and a half on the stove at a simmer. Make sure it is covered otherwise you will lose all that tasty broth as it will evaporate away. Then you will have stew and not soup.15-20 minutes before serving add your frozen noodles to the pot. Make sure at this step you remove the bay leaves. You cannot eat them they will make you really sick. They are only added for flavor and then removed at the end of cooking.

Good heavens is it delicious with some oyster crackers added. Make sure you let it cool before eating. I say this because I never do and I burn my mouth all the time.

I literally used almost all my Tupperware with the leftovers. As you can see we have enough for the entire week of lunches. It makes so much and since I already had the turkey it only cost me $11 at the grocery store. I  hope when you have leftover turkey or chicken that you make this recipe sometime. It is really tasty and so versatile.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily 

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