Wednesday, November 4, 2015


 I may have a slight addiction to scarfs. Remember when I posted this post for example-
T-Shirt Scarfs

I even went as far as learning how to make my own infinity scarfs using my sewing machine. I gave a ton of them away one year as Christmas gifts. My husband hated the unorganized piles of scarfs laying around and he built me a a custom wall rack for my scarfs that is currently overflowing.

I wanted to share some scarf wearing tips since I tend to in the fall-spring wear them every other day-

1. Really any scarf can be an infinity scarf. Tie the two ends together and wrap it around your neck. I try to "hide" the knot with other parts of the scarf and have it on the back of my neck if I can.
2. Layer those scarfs. I have some really thin scarfs. I like to pair them with a more full scarf ( I have a great light weight grey one) to add a little volume.
3. There are literally 1 million ways to tie a scarf besides infinity. Look on Pinterest and find some interesting ways. My fashion board on there has a ton of ways I have tried. My favorite goes my many names but is pretty simple.
- Start by folding your scarf in half. Put the folded scarf around your neck. Pull one end of the scarf through the folded loop on the other side. Twist the folded loop creating another loop. Pull the remaining end of the scarf through the second loop created. It should make a fun "fashion knot".
4. Scarfs go with any outfit. You would think this is a no brainier but I tend to have people ask me all the time what to wear with their scarfs. Today for example I am wearing a t-shirt, scarf, straight leg jeans, tom's and a t-shirt sweater. A normal t-shirt may be boring but throwing on a scarf makes you look more put together instantly. Plus, it keeps your neck nice and toasty.
5. Scarfs can do double duty. Is it summer and you are going to a concert and you are freaked out about getting cold? Bring a scarf wrapped around your bag. Wear it like a shawl when the temperatures start to dip. Not only is it just enough warmth but you will look super chic.

I highly recommend getting some scarfs into your wardrobe soon the temperatures will eventually start to fall. I know I am well stocked and ready for fall/winter.

Here is Luna rocking a pirate scarf for Halloween and some glow sticks. I wish you could see the cute skull and bones on the scarf. All you can really see is the black outline. As you can tell she loves when I dress her up.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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