Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snowflake White Nails

I am going to Wisconsin Dells soon for my family Christmas with my mom, dad, brother (his fiance) and my hubby. We rented a cabin and it is going to be a blast I am sure. Swimming, eating and playing board games. In winter one thing that people often forget about since it is sock and boots weather is taking care of their toes and nails. Now as you can see from some of my really old posts I like to have my toe nails painted literally all the time. I did them for Thanksgiving and have not done anything since. I finally had some time to do my nails last night in between filling out some Christmas cards to send out. They turned out pretty good and are ready to be in the pool on Saturday for water aerobics and Wisconsin Dells for some swimming.

 Here is my line up of current favorite products for doing nails.
Base coat is Seche Clear. Trust me if you want your polish to last more than a week on your toes you need a good strong base coat for the color polish to adhere to.
Avon white polish. I know that this polish most likely has a fancy name but I forgot to look at it. I like Avon polish because of the tiny brush that comes with it and the formula of the polish is a perfect thickness for spreading.
Sinful glitter. This polish is cheap... Like $1 or $2 cheap at Walgreens. I always want to tell people that you do not have to have fancy polish when it comes to glitter since it is just a decorative element really. I love how it makes it all snowflake like on my nails.
Sally Hansen INSTA-DRY top coat. I have tried them all, I mean at least every big brand of top coat and this one has worked the best lately. I really love it because is not crazy expensive and has a easy to use brush.
I hate my toes but I wanted you to see how they turned out. This is like the worst blurry picture ever but you get the idea at least.

I hope during this busy season you take a couple of minutes to do something for yourself. Even if it is just 10 minutes to do your nails.

Until next time~
XoXo Emily

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