Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve What's old is NEW!

It is almost 2016. As we look back on this past 2015 I want to reflect on the good thrifting finds I had this year. I also want to give you some fun thrifting tips.

I guess first I should further explain thrifting. What is it exactly? It is buying things second hand really. I know there is a big sigma against buying other peoples things but honestly I think that is dumb. I have found so many name brand discounted things at Goodwill or my local high brand resale places to count. Here are my top 5 things you can buy second hand and how to spot a good deal.

#5. Platters-
This is food platters folks. They are expensive a good Italian platter can set you back $100 plus. My mom and I found a Italian porcelain platter at Goodwill for $20ish. I saw the same type platter from the same brand at Macy's for $120. What you want to look for is the brand stamp on the back it will usually tell you who created it and where it comes from. If not you want to look and make sure it is a good  quality item by checking for discoloring or cracks. If it is a good sound platter snatch it up.

#4. Records-
There is nothing like the sound of a good vinyl record from the 60-80's. The really only place to find a record that is original is second hand now-a-days. I am always scouting to add to my collection. My best deal--- Fleetwood Mac's Rumors for $3. Worth upwards of $30 at some places and by far my favorite lately. What you want to look for is a record that is clean and has minimum scratches on it. Some are okay but if it looks like a cat attacked it skip the buy.

#3. Tea sets-
I maybe the only person that prefers to drink my tea out of an actual tea cup. Whatever I feel like I am at Downtown Abbey and it makes me happy. When I got married I needed tea cups and a lot of them to make candles. Second hand is the way to go if you want to find some tea cups. What you want to look for is lack of chips and matching sets. I was blessed and inherited my family set which is gorgeous. Another thing to look for is to try to find a tea cup that has a saucer. That way you can put your stir spoon down on something.

#2. Accessories-
I cannot add up the amount of name brand hand bags, scarfs, necklaces etc. etc. I have found for almost a steal. If you really look you will find name brand items. Look for items that are not worn out and that would be great accent pieces. I have a love of old broaches and have found plenty second hand. My best deal was a $4 Liz Claiborne hand bag last year. It is brown/black mix and perfect size for going out. 

#1. Clothes-
This is my favorite. I like the hunt and when the payoff is huge it is the best feeling in the entire world. I like quality items and they are not cheap. I cannot justify paying $1,000 for a fur coat or $100 for good jeans. I can justify buying them second hand. HELLO fur coat from Goodwill!! I get so excited because I have been on the hunt for a fur for about 10 years. I am not joking yesterday I found it. It is big for me which was a concern but I belted it and now it is good to go. I may think about bringing it to a tailor to take it in.

Thrifted designer sweater (wearing today)
What you want to look for a thrifting clothing item. The obvious things are rips, discoloration and fit. I think for most items I want to look at the basic construction. The above sweater is Calvin Klein and I checked to make sure it was of good construction. How is the sewing? Are the buttons attached properly? If it is a jacket (IE: Fur) how is the inside liner of the jacket, the stitching is it solid? Does the item smell?  If you find the item you are looking at is well constructed you have a win!

I love thrifting and I love a good deal. I hope that when you get out there and shop my tips will help you along the way.

Until next time AND Happy New Year~
XoXo Emily

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